Coin of the Spiritual Realm

SoulCoin is dedicated to using simple objects, such as our coins,  to make timeless wisdom available to support the spiritual needs of
individuals. Our
Coins are high quality spiritual statements designed to capture the imagination and reflect the devotion of their owner.
"I Am But Dust And Ashes"                                                                                                             "For My sake Was The World Created"

Our popular Humility and Joy Coin Set was created to allow you to actually live out a parable of wisdom that has been handed down for centuries. These
unique, 1.5 inch die-struck brass coins make a perfect gift for spiritually oriented friends and family. They are also ideal gifts for special occasions such as
graduations, seminars, retreats, and confirmations.

$18.00 per set. There are two coins in each set, as the parable describes.  Quantity discounts automatically applied.
At least 10% of the profits from the sale of all SoulCoins are  distributed to feed the hungry, heal the sick, and help the needy.
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9/29/19 - Happy New Year! Thanks for continuing to support SoulCoin. We appreciate it! Have a sweet New Year!

4/16/18 - Thanks to all of our SoulCoin customers for making the first quarer of 2018 one of our best ever! Thanks
very much!
12/27/18 - This has been the best sales year ever for Soulcoin, including orders from new locations around the
world. Thank-you for your support!
Humility and Joy Coin Set - Front of Each Coin
The Tehilim (Psalms) "David" Coin is our newest coin. It derives its inspriation from the first book of Psalms - Psalm 1-41, which are the oldest of King David's
Psalms. The "David" coin is a die struck brass coin, plated in
pure silver, with center images plated in 24 KT gold.  It is struck on both sides. This is the first of
our coins to be offered as a necklace with a sterling silver chain and bezel, or with the bezel only ready for your own chain. Price starts at $14.50 for the
coin only in a hard plastic coin case in a gift box. Every coin order comes with a full color brochure explaining the coin and how to use it.
The Tehilim (Psalms) Series Coin #1-"David"
Humility and Joy Coin Set
As with all of our SoulCoins, the printing on the coin is in both English and
Hebrew. The phrases selected for the "David" coin are:
Psalm 16:9 "So my Heart Rejoices"
Psalm 23:3 "He Restores My Soul"
Psalm 25:4 "Teach me Your Paths"
Psalm 39:8 "In You my Hope lies"

necklace version includes a sterling silver bezel (shown at right) with your
choice of either an 18 or 24 inch 1.8mm Sterling Silver diamond cut full rope
chain, made in Italy.

The coin comes in a gift box as shown.

Only SoulCoin makes top quality spiritual coins like the Tehilim
"David" coin, inspired by faith and brought to you with care
The Tehilim "David" coin is the first is a series of five Tehilim Series
coins - one for each book of Psalms. When the coins are placed to align
with each other,
new phrases are created to increase your inspiration.
The patterns you make with the coins reflect the patterns of your

In the center of the "David" coin are 24 KT gold plated images. On the
front, is a crown, the crown of King David. On the back is a golden lyre,
the instrument played by the "sweet singer of Israel" when composing
the psalms.
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Coins of the Spiritual Realm
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One set includes two coins. Each set is $18.00
Quantity prices reflect  per set price.
For example, Qty. 2 - 9 = $17.00 per set. 10 or more = $16.00 per
set. 20 or more = $15.00 per set
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